The Aartha America Group is an organization dedicated to the advancement of international commerce. Using new technologies and progressive business practices, The Aartha Group is able to accomplish a wide variety of endeavors, and deliver unparalleled results across many sectors of business. With representation throughout North America, Europe, and India, The Aartha Group has a strong ability to grow trading relations across multiple markets, with both public and private entities. At any capacity, The Aartha America group is fully capable of expanding your organization across international borders, and enabling your company to grow from where it is now, to where you envision it can be.

Immigrate to the USA   Expand to the USA   Government Sales Gateway

The AARTHA group can facilitate immigration for yourself, your family, and company employees along with their families in a rapid timeline, with permanent residency status immediately... more...


Our experienced staff can offer to complete end to end strategies to penetrate and locate your company with custom built facilities in a Free Trade Zone within the USA... more...


The AARTHA Group can place your existing products in the US Government Services Administration (GSA) which provides access to non competitive government procurement contracts... more...

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