EB-5 Process


The EB-5 Visa Green Card process requires Clarity, Full Understanding, Simple Approach and Time Saving for the prospective Investors. We at AAG are committed to provide this approach to walk the Prospective Investors through the entire EB-5 Process to ensure the least amount of stress and anxiety. Our goal is for you to have most worry- free and successful outcome for your Green Card Application and the Capital Investment.

The entire process is divided into 5 steps for receiving an unconditional Green card for you-the Investor.

1st Step: Register and meet with the Regional Center Representative for a Review

The Prospective Investor registers himself/herself to initiate an interview with the Regional Center Representative in person and understands the entire plan with the full documentation for the Investment Offering. This documentation will include:

  • Investment Fact Sheet and Brochure
  • Investment Specific Business Plan
  • Investment approval documents from USCIS
  • Investment Private Placement Memorandum and Prospectus
  • State and other Regional Approval /Referral documents

2nd Step: Enter into an Agreement with the TCID Regional Center and File I-526

This step requires the Prospective Investor to enter into an agreement with the regional center and provide all the personal documents as per the list provided in order to proceed with the Green Card Application. The investor fills out the Subscription Agreement and advances the funds into an Escrow Account with an American Bank. The investor also fills out the I-526 Application. The attorney for the regional center will approve all the documentation provided and place the necessary signatures to accept the same by the regional center.

The TCID will submit these investment documents and the I-526 application petition to the USCIS for their processing. The processing time at USCIS is typically 3-5 months for this step.

3rd Step: Petition Process and Conditional Approval by the USCIS

This step involves typically the process by the USCIS. They will review the petition and ask for any further documentation if required. Also they will verify the place of residency of the applicant and arrange necessary interview at U.S. Consulate or Embassy in the country of residency. Alternatively the Immigrant Investor in the U.S. may file an I-485 application to adjust their status to lawful residency with a conditional green card.

Upon satisfactory evidence of the investment and the personal verification, the USCIS will grant a conditional Visa for a period of two years.

4th Step: Migration of the Investor to U.S.A. and settlement

The prospective Investor has 180 days to enter the U.S.A. from the date of issuance of the conditional Visa Green Card. The immigrant Investor with the family members now enters the U.S.A. with this conditional visa. The two years period commences from the Date of Entry to the U.S.A. The Immigrant Investor will get due assistance from the Regional Center to settle his or her family in any part of the U.S.A. and free to work, conduct a business or study as the case may be and establish themselves.

5th Step: Removal of condition by filing I-829 and receive Permanent Green Card

This is the final step into becoming a permanent U.S. Green Card holder and becoming a citizen of U.S.A. The I-829 must be filed between 21st and 24th month of the entry into U.S.A. by the Regional Center proving the use of the funds invested by the Immigrant Investor. Upon approval, the Immigrant Investor will receive an Unconditional Green card for all the members of the initial application and may live, work, study permanently in the U.S.A.

In time period stipulated based on the initial agreement, the Immigrant Investor will receive his/ her investment back from the Regional Center at the end of that period.

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