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The Tri-Cities community of Washington State is the home of Hanford Nuclear Reserve and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. This region is the single largest beneficiary of the current investment of a billion dollars in the new construction projects. This is the main rational to locate our EB-5 Regional Center in this North West region of USA.

Hanford, along with its strategic partners; the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Washington State University, and their joint economic development, coordination, and integration of all the local cities, utility companies, and the multitude of companies currently developing technology are in the renewable energy science’s sector. They are all working very closely with our partners, the Tri-Cities Research District, which is the Pacific Northwest’s center for technology invention and advancement and Mid- Columbia Energy Initiative, a large group of companies seeking to establish an energy park on 20 miles of reclaimed land on the Hanford site.

With such tremendous economic activity, and the close proximity to one of the largest nationally recognized laboratories in the U.S., Tri-Cities is becoming the Nation's "hub" of energy science and production.

We are extremely excited about the following facts about Tri-Cities:

  • WSU Tri-Cities’ Bio-products, Sciences and Engineering Laboratory (BSEL), located in the Tri-Cities, is developing new bio-fuels along with high-value bio-products for a sustainable future.
  • The only operating nuclear power plant in Washington State is located in Tri-Cities and produces 1,157 Mega-Watts of power.
  • There are over 14 companies and 10 utilities located in the Tri-Cities who are focusing on renewable energy technologies.
  • Tri-Cities is home to highly skilled craftsmen and among the highest ratio of scientists/ engineers per capita in the country.
  • Battelle, is the world’s largest, independent research and development organization and is leading a $180 million Smart Grid Regional effort.
  • Tri-Cities researchers have developed a smart charger to minimize cost and peak power demand while charging electric vehicles.
  • InnovaTek’s, a Tri-Cities company, fuel cell energy system generates clean power, recycles energy and turns waste into an asset.
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), located in the Tri-Cities, is the nation’s leader in Grid Smart technology and is at the forefront of thought leadership and collaboration.
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