Tri Cities research District

The Tri-Cities Research District is an "Innovation eco-system" in which to live, work and play is an enjoyable experience for all ages. It facilitates partnerships, new technologies and products.

The District

The district is spread over 1800 acres of which 325 Acres are available for new development. There is about 3.4 million square feet of existing facility space. The district employs 7,000 highly skilled workers. It operates as a non profit corporation with a board representing 15 partner organizations. It also has non-profit TCRD Foundation.

The Pacific National Research Laboratory

This laboratory is operated by Battelle for the U.S. Department of Energy since 1965, employing 4,700 staff including more than 900 PhDs. The laboratory is situated in approx. 2,000,000 square feet of facilities conducting research & development valued at US $1 Billion. It averages one invention disclosure per day and one patent per week. It possesses more than 1,550 U.S. and International patents and more than 200 active licensed technologies developed here. Many more such non-classified patents are available for license for the commercial viability and manufacturing under the EB-5 investment initiative.

Washington State University Campus at Tri-Cities

This is the fastest growing and most diverse campus in the university system. The enrollment is increasing at double digit growth for the last two years. The WSU opened Bio-products Science and Engineering Laboratory (BSEL) investing US $25 million in 2008. It has a new 45,000 square feet Wine Science Center, which will house Viticulture and Enology Program under the guidance of a world renowned scientist Dr. Brigitte Ahring.

The Tri-Cities: Kennewick-Pasco-Richland

The population of the area is approx. 242,000 people, which is an increased of 20% over 2000 census. The surrounding 8 counties represent a larger Labor Market pool of further 550,000 inhabitants to a total of 792,000 people. The population Median Age is 31 yrs. and represents high school or higher education attainment of 77.5 percent. The per capita personal income is US $30,705 and the median household income is US $43,452. The average price of single family home in the area is US $197,100 based on 3rd quarter 2009 statistics. The region is served by five local and international airline companies.

Positioned to Help Shape Future

TCRD Institutions and Companies are uniquely positioned to shape the 21st century with their research and innovation. The TCRD is a partner in the Mid-Columbia Energy initiative that hopes to re-use excess land at Hanford for the clean energy demonstration projects and the potential; manufacturing of energy related products and technologies.

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